Counterfeiting and diversion of medicines and medical products are global issues that affect all countries. These illegal activities threaten the health and welfare of the citizens who receive fake or substandard product, as well as threaten the revenues of brand owners. GCAPP provides fully-integrated programs that enable manufacturers to protect their products in the ever complex supply and distribution chains of medicines.

Auto & Industrial

GCAPP has deepexperience of the auto and industrial sectors for over two decades. We understand that these OEM and aftermarket parts sectors face counterfeiting exposure through porous supply chains and the rampant growth of unmonitored sales channels. Your consumers, as well as legitimate parts suppliers throughout the chain, need assurance that they’re getting real parts.Our sophisticated technology will give you and your customers confidence that your branded products are genuine enough to use.


Consumers place a high premium on the quality and safety of the name-brand electronics that they purchase. To maintain that critical consumer confidence, GCAPP offers a comprehensive suite of security solutions that protect a wide range of consumer electronics brands

Fast Moving Consumer Goods

Brand owners are besieged with the growing threats of counterfeiting, diversion, and product theft. Current estimates place the total costs of illicit trade at 5-7% of world trade. With ever increasingly complex supply and distribution chains, brand owners have the need to verify a product is authentic—that it was manufactured by the actual brand owner, or it was manufactured with the brand owner’s authorization—and distributed by the authorized channel partners.

Consumer Durables

We know how to protect consumer goods of all kinds. From sports and fitness equipment to kitchen and household appliances, on down to small personal items that fit in your pocket—we protect them all from counterfeiters and diverters, alike.

Apparels & Footwear

According to the National Chamber Foundation, the estimated annual industry loss due to footwear counterfeiting in the U.S. is $12 billion. For apparels the same estimation is even much higher. To combat counterfeit of fashion products, GCAPP offers the industry a breakthrough covert anti-counterfeit solution that tracks and authenticates the originality of the products. The solution applies to a wide variety of apparels and footwear items.

Spirits & other Beverages

Counterfeit alcoholic/non-alcoholic beverages are a growing problem for producers and consumers alike. In an effort to combat the fraud, GCAPP offers the industry a security solution that requires no additional consumables, no special reading devices, and no changes to the production process.

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