Rather than draw from a fixed solution set, GCAPP creates custom solutions to address each client’s particular needs. In order to create an effective solution, GCAPP typically performs an initial consultation that includes risk analysis, quantification of the issue, assessment of options, definition of project scope and deliverables, in addition to anticipated revenue recoveries, where relevant.

Whether our clients have a counterfeiting, adulteration, smuggling, diversion, supply chain or banknote processing issue, GCAPP can create a custom solution tailored to achieve the desired results.

In building a successful and sustainable authentication solution, GCAPP focuses on three key elements:
Defining the commercial, technical and enforcement constraints within which the authentication or serialization solution will work />

Specifying a multi-layered solution that will solve the commercial needs with minimal impact on existing client processes. Our extensive Application Engineering expertise comes to the fore here />

Agreeing on an in-market-testing program to ensure that the brand’s authenticity and its distribution are maintained />
To assist with this process, we have a range of authentication and serialization tools to help clients define their strategy and quantify the commercial outcome that they seek. We have extensive experience in managing testing programs for clients to ensure that our authentication and serialization solutions deliver the desired commercial returns.

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